John Muir

John Muir (21 April 1838

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Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks 1897 (via Banff and Canadian Rockies)
Glacier parks Alaska "- 1879 (first Alaskan expedition with S. Hall Young) (Fort Wrangell, Glenora on the Stikine River, mid-October - Glacier Bay) 1880 (July-September, to Taylor Glacier with Stickeen) 1881 (May-October, Cruised aboard the Corwin, Bering Sea, Siberia) 1890 1896 1897 (via Banff and Canadian Rockies) 1899 (Harriman Alaska Expedition) (Sitka -June 1899) (Wrangell, Glacier Bay, Prince William Sound - 1899)
Grand Canyon Grand Canyon (Flagstaff), Arizona - September 29, 1896 (with Gifford Pinchot), February-March 1909 (with John Burroughs)
Mammoth Cave "The naturalist John Muir (early September 1867)" - Wiki (Mammoth Cave National Park)
Stone Town of Zanzibar Zanzibar, Tanzania : January - February 1912
Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana - 1885
Yosemite National Park 1868: Muir's first trip to Yosemite Valley


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