Japanese garden

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Connected Sites

Ancient Kyoto: Jisho-ji Garden, Nijō Castle Ninomaru Garden, Rokuon-ji Garden, Ryōan-ji Garden, Tenryu-ji Garden, The garden of Sanbōin in Daigo-ji, The moss garden of Saihō-ji (the "Moss Temple")
Ancient Nara: Todaiji Isuien Gardens
Centennial Hall: at Szczytnicki Park
Gusuku of Ryukyu: Shikina-en (Naha, Okinawa)
Himeji-jo: Koko-en Garden
Hiraizumi: gardens of Motsuji Temple
Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine: Garden of Kumagai Residence, an example of Japanese garden in merchant class residence
Kew Gardens: "Centred around Chokushi-Mon and covering an area of approximately 5,000 square metres, the Japanese landscape consists of three garden areas, designed to give an impression of some of the many different aspects of Japanese gardens." (Wiki)
Nikko: Garden of Rinnoji Temple, Shōyō-en Garden
Okinoshima Island: Hetsugu Shrine has Japanese garden surrounding its two sacred ponds.
Schönbrunn: Schonbrunn's Japanaese Garden since 1913 and restored in 1998


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