Historical Zoos

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Ancient Thebes Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut established a zoo in Thebes around 1490 BC
Great Spa Towns of Europe Františkovy Lázně: "Following the American trend, a zoo was also established in [Loimann's Park], and so the forest park began to be known as America." (Nomination File, p. 64, 101, 134)
Medici Villas and Gardens Lorenzo De' Medici had a zoo at his Villa in Poggio a Caiano, "composed of lions, dromedary, cheetah, giraffe and an Arab"
Medina Azahara literary sources indicate the presence of amenities such as a zoo (AB ev)
Mexico City and Xochimilco Tenochtitlan: two zoos in the palace of Moctezuma
Naples Stazione zoologica Anton Dohrn (1872) - the oldest aquarium of Italy
Paseo del Prado and Buen Retiro House of Beasts of Retiro Park
Potsdam Peacock Island had a menagerie modelled after Versailles after whose peacocks the island was named.
Schönbrunn Menagerie of the Habsburgs: oldest existing zoo (1752)
Singapore Botanic Gardens from 1875 - 1913 SBG was the main zoo of the Straits Settlements
Tower of London Royal Menagerie from the 13th century until 1835
Versailles Menagerie during the reign of Louis XIV


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