Giuseppe Garibaldi (July 4, 1807 - June 2, 1882) was an Italian military and political figure, and considered a national hero.

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Colonia del Sacramento Occupied by Garibaldi in 1845 when leading an "Italian Legion" (He also led the Uruguayan navy!) in the Uruguayan Civil War figthing on the side of the liberal "Colorados" against the "Blancos" of Manuel Oribe
Rome Siege of Rome June 1849. Garibaldi is heavily involved in hand to hand fighting at various points around the walls of Rome trying to prevent an entry by the French. An initial victory at the Porta San Pancrazio is followed by a month long siege and an eventual decision to withdraw to avoid further damage to Rome. Garibaldi goes to the Capitol and makes a famous speech "Dovunque saremo, colà sarà Roma". (Wherever we may be, there will be Rome).
San Marino and Mount Titano 1849. During the 1st Italian War of Independence and fleeing the Franch, Austrian, Spanish and Neopolitan armies he took refuge in San Marino whilst attempting to reach Venice. He was initially refused permission to pass through but turned up anyway with 1500 men when surrounded by Austrian armies. Went to Public Palace to present his request which was granted by the Regent. Initially staying in the Convent of the Friars Minor Capuchin he later escaped to Venice with 150 of his army.


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