English Channel

Sites on the current or historic Channel coast or situated on its tidewater.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Belfries Belfries of Boulogne-sur-Mer and Rue
Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape 1215-003ii Trewavas, 1215-008ii Charlestown and 1215-010i Tamar Valley Mining District, Morwellham Port . "The Trewavas coastal enclave in the south of the Area contains some important remains that mark the sites of old undersea copper mines. The cliff-slope engine house of Wheal Prosper was acquired by the National Trust and consolidated in 1971. The dramatic cliff-side engine houses, shafts and impressive capstan platform of Wheal Trewavas are amongst the most spectacular in their situation, anywhere"... "Charlestown, designed by the foremost civil engineer of the day - John Smeaton FRS (1724-92) - is one of the finest examples of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century industrial harbour works in Britain" ... Morwellham "is some 3km below the tidal limit near Gunnislake" ..."This was the busiest inland river port west of Exeter, taking vessels up to 300 tonnes. During the mid-nineteenth century it became the greatest copper ore port in the world" (Nom File)
Dorset and East Devon Coast
Fortifications of Vauban Les tours-observatoires de Tatihou et de la Hougue
Le Havre


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