Sites associated with the the cremation of human bodies.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Auschwitz Birkenau Crematoria for murdered Concentration Camp victims
Ayutthaya Ayutthaya's Rajburana Temple was the cremation ground site for King Boromraja's brothers
Fray Bentos cremation of animal remains at the factory
Hedeby and Danevirke About 6% of the people in the grave fields were cremated (nom file)
Kathmandu Valley Pashputinath Ghats. Active Hindu cremation site
Luang Prabang Luang Prabang's royal cremation chariot is kept in Wat Xiang Thonh
Skogskyrkogarden Crematorium
Tchogha Zanbil "A building on the grounds contains five vaulted underground tombs, within four of which are cremated remains, and there is one uncremated corpse. The Elamites traditionally buried their dead, and the reason for the cremation is unknown."
Willandra Lakes Site of earliest discovered remains of a human cremation - "Mungo Lady" at Mungo Lake c26-20 000 years ago


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