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WHS where coffee is or was grown.

The connection belongs to Human Activity connections.

Connected Sites

  • Antigua Guatemala: Includes a number of Colonial Coffee Fincas: Finca "El Portal" and Finca Retana
  • Coffee Cultural Landscape
  • Dja Faunal Reserve: coffee plantations within the park abandoned in 1946
  • First Coffee Plantations
  • Harar: Ethiopian Harar is a coffee bean of the species arabica that is grown in the region of Harar in the Eastern highlands of Ethiopia. It is one of the oldest coffee beans still produced and is known for its distinctive fruity, wine flavour. Nom file: the principal income of the area of Harar remained coffee
  • Konso: Coffee, cotton and chat are cash crops (AB ev)
  • Rio de Janeiro: Coffee cultivation on the Tijuca (18th century)
  • Tropical Rainforest Sumatra: Bukit Barisan Selatan NP. "The park has recently lost 20% of its forests to illegal agriculture .... WWF found that more than 450 km? of park land is being used for growing coffee, and the organisation is now working with multinational coffee companies (including Nestle) to help them avoid buying illegally grown coffee.
  • Van Nellefabriek: Includes a former coffee factory
  • ViƱales Valley: Coffee is among the crops grown


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