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Captain James Cook

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Connected Sites

  • Great Barrier Reef: June 11 1770 ? ran aground on the reef and badly damaged ?Endeavour?. Took 7 weeks to repair
  • Hawaii Volcanoes: First recorded visit by a European to the Islands.
  • Kew Gardens: First voyage 1766-71. Accompanied by the botanists Joseph Banks and Herman Sp?ring Jr. The discoveries they made during this voyage played a part on the initiation of the colections at Kew and Banks became the second Director of the Gardens
  • Maritime Greenwich: After his second voyage Cook "Retired" there
  • Québec: 1759 ? participated in the siege of Quebec
  • Rapa Nui: Visited 1774 during his second voyage
  • Taputapuātea: Late in 18th century, Europeans made contact with the Polynesians. Captain James Cook was brought to Taputapuātea by the navigator-priest Tupaia. Members of Cook’s crew have left descriptions of the marae complex (AB ev)
  • Te Wahipounamu: Doubtful Sound named by Cook (who didn?t go into it -hence the name). He also mapped the rest of the coast but, famously ?missed? recognising Milford Sound
  • Ujung Kulon National Park: "Captain James Cook is known to have anchored HMS Endeavour on the south-eastern side of Panaitan Island from 6-16 January 1771."
  • Volcanoes of Kamchatka: One of Cook's objectives on his 3rd voyage was to investigate the NW passage from the Pacific. He had tried in 1778 but, having entered the Bering Sea, was forced back by ice to winter in Hawaii - where he was killed. The new commander, Charles Clerke,(who had been on all 3 of Cook's voyages)continued the exploration and the journals of "Captain Cook's Third Voyage" record the viewing of a major eruption of Avachinsky Volcano on 15 June 1779  Link


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