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Atapuerca About 25% of the human remains found here showed the first evidence of cannibalism (wiki)
Chief Roi Mata's Domain Chief Roi Mata ended cannibalism when he came to power: This was not an easy task to accomplish given that many of the tribes actively practiced cannibalism
Levuka Cakobau, the founder of the Fijian kingdom at Levuka, was a former cannibal. He had himself converted to Christianity and renounced cannibalism in 1854. (wiki)
Mexico City and Xochimilco Some of the skeletons found at Templo Mayor show signs of post-mortem removal of the flesh. It is assumed it was used for ritualistic cannibalism
Rapa Nui The "popular scientist" Jared Diamond disseminated the now widely held belief that the Rapa Nui culture collapsed for self generated reasons and descended into canibalism and warfare. Alternative views now hold this view to be incorrect but the issue isn't totally resolved. See link. One cave on the island which can be visited is called "Eat-man Cave" - though some view this as a misunderstanding or a mistranslation
St. Petersburg Reports of cannibalism appeared in the winter of 1941-1942, after all birds, rats, and pets had been eaten by survivors. Hungry gangs attacked and ate people. Leningrad police even formed a special unit to combat cannibalism. This unit resulted in 260 Leningraders being found guilty of and put in prison for the crime of cannibalism (wiki)
W├╝rzburg Residence Tiepolo fresco at the stairway: America has natives with feathers, who practice cannibalism of prisoners (wiki)


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