WHS that are related to the cultivation and trade of cacao, or the occurence of Theobroma Cacao in the wild. Excluding botanical gardens.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Coffee Cultural Landscape 1% of the landscape is used for cacao cultivation (nom file)
Coro and its Port Transport hub for cacao cultivated in its hinterland (AB ev)
El Tajin These fields not only produced staples such as corn and beans but luxury items such as cacao. One of the panels at the Pyramid of the Niches shows a ceremony being held at a cacao tree. (wiki)
Manu National Park The plant Theobroma cacao is found there (unesco website)
Quirigua Quiriguá was ideally positioned to control the trade of uncut jade, ..., as well as controlling the flow of other important commodities up and down the river such as cacao, which was produced as a local cash crop. (wiki)


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