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Bamberg AB evaluation: "Bamberg's .. economic basis continued to be trade, particularly in hops." "The architecture here encompassed everything from buildings for the trades, breweries, town houses and even palatial edifices." ... "One example of an old brewery inside the inscribed area is the Schenkerla tavern in the city centre on Dominkanerstrasse. .... Heller has been brewing since 1678. The brewery was orginally based in the tavern but moved in 1936". Also "The Benedictine monastery of St Michael looms above the city. It once had its own monastic brewery which is now a brewing museum".
Brugge De Halve Maan
Cesky Krumlov Pivovar Eggenberg. Nazi confiscation controversially confirmed by post WWII Czechoslovak government in 1947 and never returned to their estate - privatised in 1991
City of Bath Abbey Ales
Colonies of Benevolence The grain mill Maallust in the Veenhuizen component now accommodates a microbrewery. (Nomination file, p. 67)
Engelsberg Ironworks
Fortress of Suomenlinna Suomenlinna has its own brewery. The Suomenlinna Brewery Restaurant at the Jetty Barracks offers beer brewed in the traditional way: Helsinki Portteri, H?pken Pils, Coyet Ale, Amphion Ale and Spithead Bitter.
Göbekli Tepe The discovery of vessels containing the chemical remains of brewing using grain suggests that beer production and drinking was a part of the rituals which took place there. Furthermore that the use of grain for that purpose preceded its use for making bread and stimulated its "domestication" as a crop. See -
Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Wakabayashi Brewery in Yunotsu, part of Iwami Ginzan was established in 1869. Its specialty is a sake they call Kaishun.
Litomysl Castle AB evaluation :- "Among the ancillary buildings, the most interesting is the Brewery, which lies to the south of the first courtyard. Originally constructed as a counterpart to the castle, with sgraffito decoration, it was substantially reconstructed after the 1728 fire and received what is its present appearance, which blends elements of High Baroque and Neo-Classicism, after the 1775 fire". "Bed?ich Smetana, one of the best Czech composers of all time, was born in the Litomy?l castle brewery in 1824" (His father had "managed several breweries before coming to Litomy?l in 1823 as brewer to Count Waldstein, whose Renaissance castle dominates the town" - Wiki).
Maritime Greenwich "There was a brewery on the site of the earlier Tudor Palace, from 1717 until around 1860. The present structure formed part of a brewery of which the function was to supply the retired and injured sailors, who were pensioners of the Royal Hospital, with their daily ration of beer. The current building was built in 1831, substantially altered in 1843. Once a large, three storey building, what remains today is a single storey block with a series of vaults below. " The Mean time Brewing company "in 2010 will be opening the Old Brewery, bar and restaurant with brewery in the original 1836 Brewhouse of the Old Royal Naval College Greenwich, making it only the second brewery in the world to be located within a UNESCO WHS"( Wiki).
Quedlinburg Brauhaus Lüdde
Rammelsberg and Goslar Brauhaus Goslar
Regensburg Spitalbrauerei: 'The Spitalbrauerei (Hospital, Hospice or Almshouse Brewery) was founded in 1226, which makes it the City's oldest brewery, and the World's oldest Almshouse Brewery. Its address "At the Foot of the Bridge"
Salzburg Augustiner bräu - Kloster Mülln
Stralsund and Wismar Zum Weinberg in Wismar


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