Blown up

Sites significantly damaged by an explosion. Excluding those damaged during WWI or WWII, as they have their own separate connections.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Acropolis Parthenon, 1687.
Bamiyan Valley Bamiyan buddhas, 2001
Longmen Grottoes Most of the statues' heads have been destroyed during the Cultural revolution.
Meroe In 1834 Giuseppe Ferlini blew the tops of many pyramids whilst searching for treasure
Rapa Nui Ahu Vinapu was blown up with gunpowder in 1886 by a William J Thomson, purser on board the USS "Mohican". He had hoped to find a grave with valuable artifacts. In fact he only discovered stone "backfill". The highly accurately fitted stonework of Ahu Vinapu has been used as evidence of Inca influence on Rapa Nui but, as Thompson demonstrated, the stonework was only a "facing" and doesn't demonstrate any S american "connection". See
Rhodes April 3, 1856: Palace of the Grand Masters: a lightning strike set off explosions of the stored ammunition, killing 4000 people
Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple Criminals used dynamite on Dabotap Pagoda within Bulguksa Temple in attempt to steal ancient artifacts. "In 1966, the monks of the temple were awakened by sounds of exploding dynamite. They discovered that thieves had attempted to blast the pagoda and steal what was hidden inside. The thieves ran away before they could steal any of the treasures but the Buddhist monks discovered precious reliquaries, sariras, and the oldest extant example of printed material from a wood block in the world." -wiki
Tokaji Wine Region Tokaj Castle demolished by the Austrians in 1705
Troy Schliemann ".. caused controversy when at one point used dynamite, including the level W, presumably the ancient Troy."
Venice and its Lagoon St Mark's Campanile (not an explosion, but a destroying implosion)
Vizcaya Bridge "On 16 June 1937, the bracing cables on the Getxo side were deliberately blown up in a controlled explosion,hence causing the deck to fall into the estuary and interrupting both the transporter service and maritime traffic." (Nom File) It took 4 years to bring it back into service


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