The Theatines are a religious order of the Catholic Church.

Connected Sites

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Churches and Convents of Goa St. Cajetan Church was built by Italian Theatine friars in 1661
Ferrara Chiesa dei Teatini
Florence Chiesa dei Santi Michele e Gaetano - "In 1592 it was granted to the Theatine Fathers"
Paris, Banks of the Seine The church of Sainte Anne la Royale (located at the Quai Voltaire) was a church of the order of Theatine regular clerics and one of the first Baroque works in France. It was deconsecrated during the Revolution and demolished in 1823. (wiki it)
Prague Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Saint Cajetan
Rome The minor basilica Sant'Andrea della Valle is the general seat for the religious order of the Theatines.
Salzburg Kajetanerkirche: it was the monastery church of the Theatines between 1685 and 1808
Syracuse "the Convent of the Teatine Fathers together with St Andrew's and St James' Church is pulled down in 1872 leaving space for the Archimedes' Square of today in the centre of Ortygia." (Nomination file, p. 151)


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