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Tea Houses

WHS containing a historical "Tea House" or "Tea Room" originally constructed for that purpose and where "Tea" was a major consumable even if other food and refreshments were also available.

The connection belongs to Constructions connections.

Connected Sites

  • Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks: Twin Falls Tea House in Yoho NP is a designated Canadian National Historic Monument recognising its significance for its construction methods/design (Rustic) and its role in the early days of Hiking as a recreational activity. Link
  • City of Bath: Assembly Rooms - Tea Room "This room was used for both refreshments and concerts in the 18th century (and was sometimes known as the Concert Room). During the evening entertainments there was an interval for tea, the cost being included in the price of a ball ticket. On Sundays there were public teas when admission cost sixpence per person." See  Link
  • Potsdam: Chinese Tea house at Sans Souci
  • Saltaire: Roberts Park - Half Moon Pavilion (1870) - "It was originally a Tea Room with a balcony area on its roof" Link


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