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Table Mountain

A Table Mountain (also known as Mesa or Tepui) has a flat top and steep slopes.

The connection belongs to Ecology connections.

Connected Sites

  • Canaima National Park: Tepui formations
  • Cape Floral Region Link
  • Central Suriname Nature Reserve: Tafelberg
  • Gebel Barkal: Djebel Barkal is described variously as a "table topped mountain", a Mesa or a Butte - see  Link
  • Grand Canyon: There are numerous Buttes and Mesas within the Canyon. E.g Horseshoe Mesa, Fishtail Mesa etc. See link for a full list of Butte and Mesa summits in the Grand Canyon NP  Link
  • Greater Blue Mountains: Pantoneys Crown - Gardens of Stone National Park  Link
  • Masada: "The cliffs on the east edge of Masada are about 400 m high and the cliffs on the W are about 91 m high; ...... The top of the plateau is flat and rhomboid-shaped, about 550 m by 270 m" (wiki). The mountain is a "horst" - a "raised fault block bounded by normal faults or graben"
  • Mesa Verde


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