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Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was a 16th century English sailor, privateer, navigator and slave trader.

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Connected Sites

  • Cape Floral Region: In 1580 he described Table Mountain" as "A most stately thing and the fairest cape in the whole circumference of the globe"
  • Cartagena
  • Cidade Velha: Attacked it
  • Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape: Drake was born c1544 in Tavistock within the inscribed boundary - "at Crowndale Farm, just to the west of what is now Tavistock College. A Blue Plaque is mounted on the current farmhouse, behind which Drake is believed to have been born, the original farmhouse having been dismantled and the stone transported for use in Lew Trenchard"
  • La Fortaleza
  • Portobelo-San Lorenzo
  • Santo Domingo
  • Tower of Hercules: in 1589 "leads a fleet with 176 ships and 5000 men on an attack against a Coruna. 6 soldiers are stationed in the tower to defend it and they hold out for 9 days, their only source of food being birds they manage to capture" (Quote from display in the Torre's Visitor Centre)
  • Westminster: Westminster Abbey contains a modern Memorial (1979) to 3 British "Cimcumnavigators" of different eras - including Drake. See  Link


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