WHS that include discovery sites of (famous) shipwrecks. Reference to the shipwrecks is made in the official description, the AB Ev, the Nomination file or Wikipedia.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ferrara "the discovery of wrecks such as the famous Fortuna Maris, found near Comacchio" (1999 AB Ev)
Fraser Island Wreck of the Maheno
Lower German Limes "The more than thirty shipwrecks preserved in the Rhine channel constitute another valuable source of timber construction technology." – "The component parts of Frontiers of the Roman Empire – The Lower German Limes include remains of at least two ships: a patrol craft at Bunnik-Vechten and a cargo ship at Utrecht-Balije". (Nomination file, p. 45, 59)
Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple: "Houzhu shipwreck is also preserved at the premises of the temple, attesting to Quanzhou's ship-building technology." - Estuary Docks: "There is one shipwreck located within the land area of this component." (AB Ev) – "In 1982, remains of an abandoned ancient ship of the Southern Song dynasty were excavated 230 meters north to Wenxing Dock. (...) It is now protected with backfill at the original location." (Nomination file, p. 239)
Red Bay Basque Whaling Station "Remains of shipwrecks from the 16th century have been found in the bay: three at a depth of around 25-30 metres and one at 72 metres. Their state of preservation is good, and they are perfectly identifiable, such as the San Juan, built in 1565." (AB ev)


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