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Chiribiquete National Park ceremonies involving shamans are painted - AB ev
Great Burkhan Khaldun Mountain based on long standing shamanic traditions associated with nomadic peoples - UNESCO website
Imperial Palace The Kunning Palace was used for Shaman rituals during the Qing Dynasty.
Lake Baikal The indigenous Buryats, who practise Shamanism, believe that Olkhon Island in the lake is a spiritual place. On the west coast of the island is the Shamanka or Shaman's Rock.
Orkhon Valley According to the AB evaluation, the sacred mountains of Hangai Ovoo and Undor Sant are "strongly associated with the Shaman tradition of praying for health and prosperity to the forces of mountains, a tradition absorbed by Buddhism and still extant today."
Sansa, Buddhist Mountain Monasteries "For each of the nominated components, the State Party describes a rich array of annual festivals, rites and continuing spiritual practices at the temples, including some that incorporate local belief systems (such as shrines dedicated to the Mountain Spirit, longevity totems associated with Taoism and Shamanism.." (AB ev)
Sulaiman-Too Today, rituals and prayers connected with domestic animal sacrifice, shamanism ideas of fertility, ancestors’ cults or magic treatments are still practiced at the cult sites. (AB ev)
Tassili n'Ajjer Among the rock paintings, there are depictions of ritual figures or shamans. (wiki)


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