Religious sites connected to fishermen

The connection belongs to Religion and Belief connections.

Connected Sites

Fertö/Neusiedlersee: Fischerkirche in Rust, dedicated to the fishermen from Rust
Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine: Ebisu Shrines at Okidomari and Tomogaura (part of Iwami Ginzan) are dedicated to Ebisu, Shinto God of fishermen.
Macao: A-ma Temple was built by fishermen
Okinoshima Island: Local fishermen praying at the island shrine for safety and for bumper catches.
Old City of Acre: Al-Bahri Mosque
Schokland: Schokland's church was a main church of this once fishery community
Stralsund and Wismar: Wismar's St. Nicholas Church was once the church of the fishermen, sailors and travelers.
Vatican City: St. Peters's Basilica - Saint Peter was a fisherman from Galilee
Vienna: Maria am Gestade, "traditionally used by sailors on the Danube"


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