Reconstruction regarded as unsatisfactory by UNESCO or ICOMOS

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Bagan During the 1990s, the national government undertook a widespread programme of rebuilding and reconstruction, often using hard masonry and incorporating design elements for which there was no historical evidence (ICOMOS)
Biblical Tells Tel Beersheba
Bolgar authenticity of the reconstruction of the Great Minaret (2001) & past conservation activities at the property which included reconstructions and partial rebuilding works (Nom File).
Danube Limes "The most extensive reconstruction is at Carnuntum, where work is still in progress and, although reversible, is in places conjectural. At Iža (Kelemantia) parts of the fort have been rebuilt in a way that is not readily distinguishable from original material. (...) Large-scale conjectural reconstruction on top of original fabric needs to be avoided." (Brief synthesis)
Quebrada de Humahuaca Pucara of Tilcara
Rhodes "especially the Grand Masters' Palace, which was entirely reconstructed in the style of the 1500s and sumptuously appointed to serve as the residence of Victor-Emmanuel III and 11 Duce, are grandiose pastiches which are devoid of archaeological rigor ... The monumental fountains that embellish public squares were similarly inspired by an outlook comdemned by the Charter of Venice...pseudo-medieval monuments” (AB ev)
Sassanid Archaeological Landscape include today a large percentage of new materials, namely plaster and black cement, with new stones used for the facing of the walls. This situation, in ICOMOS’ view, directly affects the authenticity of the monuments within the nominated property. (AB ev)
Sceilg Mhichíl


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