WHS related to Phoenix, a mythical bird.

The connection belongs to Religion and Belief connections.

Connected Sites

Ancient Kyoto: Kyoto's Pavilions of Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji and Byodo-in are topped with Phoenix statues
Bukhara: Bukhara's Nadir Divan-Begi Madrasah has Phoenix decorative
Changdeokgung Palace Complex: Changdeokgung's Throne Hall, centered in the staircase is a carving of a phoenix, representing authority and the king
Citadel of the Ho Dynasty: Large terracotta phoenix that used to feature on the palace roof is on display at the Citadel museum.
Hiraizumi: Hiraizumi's altar of golden Konjikido Hall is adorned with inlaid phoenix motif
Imperial Palace: one of the small statues decorating the roof to protect evils is Phoenix and a large Phoenix statue in front of Empress Hall
Imperial Tombs: Tombs of Empresses and concubines are decorated with Phoenix motif
Old Town of Lijiang: Lijiang's Five Phoenix Hall of Black Dragon Pool
Phoenix Islands: The name "Phoenix" for this group of islands seems to have been settled on in the 1840s, after an island of that name within the group. Phoenix Island was probably named after one of the many whaleships of that name plying these waters in the early 19th century. (wiki)
Summer Palace: Beijing Summer Palace has large Bronze statue of Phoenix in front of the Empress Cixi' hall


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