Parthian Empire

Connected Sites

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Ahwar of Southern Iraq Temple of Charyos in Uruk
Ancient Merv
Bam Cultural Landscape Earliest remains (citadel of Arg-? Bam) probably belong to the Parthian dynasty
Sassanid Archaeological Landscape remains of a previous Parthian settlement in Bishapur
Susa .. it fell under Seleucid and then Parthian spheres of influence. It is assumed Susa became a colony of retired soldiers who settled there and were given land plots to be cultivated. During Parthian rule improvements to the irrigation system contributed to increasing the fertility of the surrounding area. (AB ev)
Takht-e Soleyman Archaeological excavations have revealed traces of a 5th century BC occupation during the Achaemenid period, as well as later Parthian settlements in the citadel. (Wiki)


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