Mentioned by Pliny the Elder

WHS that feature in the encyclopedia of Pliny the Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus (AD 23 - August 25, AD 79): Naturalis Historia

Connected Sites

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Carthage Chapter 6: Great Carthage
Cyrene Chapter 6: Libya Mareotis; "it is 525 miles by land from Cyrene to Alexandria"
Danube Limes Carnuntum (ID No 31): BOOK XXXVII. THE NATURAL HISTORY OF PRECIOUS STONES. Chapter 11: "From Carnuntum in Pannonia, to the coasts of Germany from which the amber is brought, is a distance of about six hundred miles, a fact which has been only very recently ascertained (...)"
Las Medulas During his stay in Hispania he became familiar with the agriculture and especially the gold mines of the north and west of the country. His descriptions of the various methods of mining appear to be eye-witness judging by the discussion of gold mining methods in his Natural History. He might have visited the mine excavated at Las Medulas. (wiki)
Lower German Limes Gelduba (Krefeld-Gellep) is mentioned in Pliny's Naturalis historia
Meroe Chapter 10, River Nile: "When making the circuit of Meroe ..." (he thought it was an island)
Mount Athos Pliny the Elder stated in 77AD that the inhabitants of Mount Athos could "live to their four hundredth year" due to the fact that they eat the skin of vipers. (wiki)
Teide National Park The oldest known mention of Mt. Teide is from the 1st Century A.D., by the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder: this terse description is of the island of Ninguaria (Tenerife) centres on Mt. Teide, although he does not give it a specific toponym: "From here one can see Ninguaria, covered with clouds, who was given this name for its perpetual snow" (nom file)


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