Associations with VI Lenin personally or representations of him still in situ within WHS - excluding museum objects and small plaques.

Connected Sites

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Kremlin and Red Square Lenin Mausoleum
Mexico City and Xochimilco Palacio de las Bellas Artes. Mural "Man Controller of the Universe" by Diego Rivera (1934) contains his portrait. The original called "Man at the Crossroads" was designed for the Rockefeller Centre NYC but Nelson Rockefeller wouldn't agree and had it destroyed - replacing it with a portrait of Abraham Lincoln!!
St. Petersburg Elizarov/Lenin Apartment Museum. Home of Lenin's sister - he lived there from April to July 1917 and it remains as a museum of his memorabilia. The Smolny Institute, seat of the Bolshevik government from Oct 1917- Mar 1918, still has a 1927 statue of Lenin outside. (The "Finland station" Lenin statue which recently had a hole blown in its backside by a bomb is outside the inscribed area!)
Thang Long statue of Lenin in front of the flag tower of Hanoi, part of Thang Long Citadel


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