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LGBTQ culture

WHS that have a significant LGBTQ aspect.

The connection belongs to Human Activity connections.

Connected Sites

  • Amsterdam Canal Ring: The "Homomonument" on the Keizersgracht canal commemorates those who have been persecuted because of their sexuality. As such it chimes with the OUV statement that the city "was a crucial centre for ......intellectual exchange and the dissemination of humanist thought"  Link
  • Auschwitz Birkenau: Whilst the UNESCO Web site description refers only to the death of Jews, Roma, Sinti and "prisoners of several European Nationalities" the Nazis also persecuted Homosexuals and such prisoners transported there were subject to particular degradations.
  • Ibiza: the Platja des Cavallets is within the boundaries, it is a famous gay nudist beach  Link
  • Kaesong: Mausoleum of King Gongmin - "King Gongmin (1325–1374) of Goryeo is on record as having kept several wonchung ("male lovers") in his court as “little-brother attendants” (chajewhi) who served as sexual partners. After the death of his wife, King Gongmin even went so far as to create a ministry whose sole purpose was to seek out and recruit young men from all over the country to serve in his court."  Link
  • Potsdam: Frederick the Great Link
  • Pyramids (Memphis): The tomb of Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum contains what has been regarded as a representation of "The First Gay Kiss". It has been represented on Gay Pride T Shirts etc. See -  Link
  • Villa Adriana (Tivoli): The "Antinoeion" is thought to be the "tomb housing the remains of Antinous.... built so that Hadrian could commemorate his paramour to whom he was joined by a deeply passionate and spiritual bond." Antinous was deified by Hadrain and later became a "gay icon" across many centuries and has been represented/referred to in "Gay" art and literature. See -  Link


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