Italian fascist architecture

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Asmara Italian Fascist architecture e.g the former "Casa del Fascio (see link) and the "Casa degli Italiani" still has the "fasces" on the pillars at its entrance
Florence Sta Maria Novella station. constructed 1932-4 " The plan of the building, as seen from above, looks as if it were based on the "fascio littorio" the symbol of Benito Mussolini's National Fascist Party, many documents give this explanation, but, that shape was forced by the pre-existing station. The "blade" represented by the first two passenger tracks and the postal ones were in fact the extension of the 1861 alignment which included the tracks of the line from Livorno." (Wiki). This interpretation is elsewhere disputed.
Rhodes Palace of the Grand Master. - An earlier building was destroyed by explosion in 1856 and stood in ruins until reconstructed by Italian architects under the instructions of Mussolini in 1937 as a holiday home for himself/royalty/aristocracy.
Rome Viale Aventino with Palazzio FAO (originally intended for the Ministry of Colonies when planned in 1938)
The Porticoes of Bologna "Littoriale" : On June 12, 1925 the first stone of the building was laid, wanted by the fascist hierarch, Leandro Arpinati (later podestà of Bologna). (nom file)


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