Holy Tunic

Relics of the clothing worn by Jesus at the time of the Crucifixion. Biblical references (John. 19: 23-24; Ps. 21 [22]: 18-19) seem to suggest that there were 2 sets of clothing i.e The "robe"/"himatia" or overgarments (which was divided into 4 parts) and the "Seamless Tunic"/"khiton" or undergarb (link.
All traditional accounts are Eastern Orthodox unless stated otherwise.

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Kremlin and Red Square Dormition Cathedral. In a Ceremony each year on July 10 (Orth calendar) "the robe is solemnly brought out of the chapel of the Apostles Peter and Paul at the Dormition cathedral, and it is placed on a stand for veneration by the faithful during the divine services. After the Divine Liturgy the robe is returned to its former place." (Wiki)
Kyiv Cathedral and Lavra Fragments of the Robe were held in St Sophia cathedral. There is no mention of them being there today.
Mtskheta Svetiskhoveli Cathedral ("The Living Pillar") is known as the burial site of Christ's khiton. Tradition holds that a Georgian Jew was present at the crucifixion and bought the khiton taking it back to Georgia. Miracles associated with the relic led to the building and naming of the Cathedral. The event is celbrated each Oct 1.
St. Petersburg Fragments of the Robe were held in the Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Grand Church of the Winter Palace (consecrated as a Cathedral in 1763.). There is no mention of them being in either building today.
Trier According to Western Catholic tradition the "Seamless Tunic" was sent to Trier by Helen of Constantinople where it is now held in a Baroque Chapel of the Cathedral after its recovery from the interior of the High Altar in 1512. The relic is celebrated in an annual 10 day religious festival ("Heiliger-rock-tag") but the tunic is only shown on certain years. The last occasion was in 1996 and the next will be in 2012 (previously 1959, 1933, 1891)


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