Historical Cafés

Prominent cafés established before WWI that still exist within the borders of a WHS.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Budapest Budapest (Gerbeaud 1858, Ruszwurm 1824)
Florence Caffe Rivoire 1872
Kraków Antre de Michalik
Mexico City and Xochimilco Examples: • Café de Tacuba: 1912;at Calle de Tacuba #18. • Café La Blanca: 1915; at Av. 5 de mayo #40.
Naples Caffé Gambrinus (1860)
Oporto Majestic café
Prague Louvre (1902), Slavia (1881)
Regensburg Cafe Prinzess next to the city hall (from 1686)
Rome Greco, 18th century
Salzburg Tomaselli, 1705
Tallinn maiasmokk café (since 1864)
Venice and its Lagoon Cafe Florian 1720
Vienna Central (opened in 1860, and in the late nineteenth century it became a key meeting place of the Viennese intellectual scene), Demel (1786), Sacher (1876), Landtmann (1873, preferred café of Sigmund Freud)


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