Frederick II

Frederick II of Hohenstaufen (December 26, 1194 - December 13, 1250) was Holy Roman Emperor from his papal coronation in 1220 until his death.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Aachen Cathedral He was crowned here in 1215
Assisi Emperor Frederick II was (allegedly) baptised in Assisi Cathedral. (Nomination file, p. 19)
Castel del Monte He built the Castel del Monte
Old City of Acre Came there in the 6th Crusade
Old City of Jerusalem Came there in the 6th Crusade
Rammelsberg and Goslar "In July 1219 Frederick II held an Imperial Diet (German Reichstag) at the Imperial Palace and on that occasion received the Imperial Regalia, that Otto IV had kept at the Harzburg."
Ravenna Captured in 1240
Syracuse "(...) under the direct rule of Frederick II, Syracuse was given the title of 'fedelissima', and the Emperor built Castello Maniace to defend the city and the harbour between 1232 and 1240." (Nomination file, p. 58)


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