Extreme temperatures

WHS with extremely high or low temperatures, or extreme variations in temperature.

Connected Sites

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Cold winter deserts of Turan "extreme climate conditions of the Turan deserts, characterized by cold winters with low precipitation, and by hot and very dry summers." (AB ev)
Lena Pillars They were produced by the region’s extreme continental climate with an annual temperature range of almost 100 degrees Celsius (from –60 °C in winter to +40 °C in summer). (source: short description UNESCO website)
Lut Desert The region often experiences Earth’s highest land surface temperatures: a temperature of 70.7°C has been recorded within the property. (source: short description UNESCO website)
Qinghai Hoh Xil This extensive area of alpine mountains and steppe systems is situated more than 4,500 m above sea level, where sub-zero average temperatures prevail all year-round. (source: short description UNESCO website)
Saryarka "The characteristic features are aridity and drastic temperature changes (oscillations) over the years, as well as within one year (winter up to about. –40°C, summer up to about. +40°C). Sometimes during spring within 3-6 hours the temperature may drop or rise by 20-25 °C" (nom fil)
Tajik National Park It consists of high plateaux in the east and, to the west, rugged peaks, some of them over 7,000 meters high, and features extreme seasonal variations of temperature. (source: short description UNESCO website)


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