European Route of Historic Theatres

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Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Bordeaux French Route: Grand-Théâtre
Cesky Krumlov 18th century Castle Theatre - Emperor Route
Drottningholm Drottningholm Palace Theatre built in 1766
El Escurial Iberian Route: Real Coliseo de Carlos III
Evora 19th century Teatro Garcia de Resende - Iberia Route
Fontainebleau French route
Graz 19th century Graz Opera House - Emperor Route
Kraków Baltic Route: Juliusz Słowacki Theatre
Litomysl Castle 18th century Palace theatre - Emperor Route
Lyon French Route
Mantua and Sabbioneta Italian Route, Sabbioneta – first free-standing theatre of the Modern Era, Teatro all'antica, built from 1588 to 1590 by architect, Vincenzo Scamozzi based on the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. Mantua – the "scientific theatre", Teatro Scientifico, built from 1767 to 1769 for the Accademia degli Invaghiti to plans by Antonio Galli da Bibiena.
Margravial Opera House German Route
Paris, Banks of the Seine Théâtre du Châtelet - French Route
Potsdam Theatre in the New Palace - German Route
Prague Emperor Route: the Estates Theatre (1783/1859) represents 200 years of Czech and German theatre history in Bohemia. The world premiere of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni took place here in 1787.
Riga Baltic Route: Latvian National Theatre
Tallinn Baltic Route: Estonian Drama Theatre
Toledo Iberian Route: Teatro de Rojas
Vicenza and the Palladian Villas Italian route: 1580 to 1585 built Teatro Olimpico, the first covered theatre in the Modern Period in Europe, architect: Andrea Palladio
Vienna Emperor Route: Theatre an der Wien dating to 1801, where many important events in Austrian theatre history took and still take place.
Vilnius Baltic Route: Lithuanian Rs. Dramatic Theatre
Warsaw Baltic Route: Royal Theatre in the Old Orangery


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