Columnar Jointing

A system of fractures that splits a rock body into long prisms, or columns. It is characteristic of lava flows and shallow intrusive igneous flows.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Giant's Causeway
Gulf of Porto Scandola Nature Reserve
Jeju Examples in the Hallasan Natural Reserve (AB review - " The diverse volcanic landscape includes a 1.6 ha lake-filled crater, 550 m in diameter and 108 m deep, a younger (circa 25,000 years in age) intruded trachyte dome, and a series of columnar jointed basalts forming prominent cliffs" (the Best examples on the island are at Jistagae Rock but this is not within the inscribed area)
Nan Madol Nan Madol was built using columnar basalt quarried from various locations on the island of Pohnpei (wiki)
Vatnajökull National Park Svartifoss
Yellowstone Sheepeater cliff (and others)


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