Built in the 4th century BC

Connected Sites

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Archaeological Site of Aigai Temple and palace, there are earlier tombs
Archaeological site of Philippi founded in 356 BCE
Butrint By the 4th century BC it had grown in importance and included a theatre, a sanctuary to Asclepius and an agora. Around 380 BC, the settlement was fortified with a new 870 metres long wall (wiki)
Epidaurus Epidaurus entered its greatest period in the 4th century BC, when the Temple of Apollo Maneates and the great monuments of the Hieron were built. (AB ev)
Land of Frankincense "By 300 BCE the site of Shisr had become part of this network." (formal network for incense) (AB ev) - Khor Rori is later, ca. 1st century BC
Rio Abiseo National Park "constitute an outstanding example of pre-Hispanic human occupation at high altitudes in the Andean region from as early as the 4th century BC" (ICOMOS); Gran Pajaten is dated from -900-200 BC and 200 BC-AD 600, but the ruins that can be seen today were constructed in the Inca times (1200-1500 AD)
Stari Grad Plain "land parcel system, dating from the 4th century BC"
The Persian Qanat Qasabeh, Khorasan-e Razavi/Gonabad, dates from 3- 4 centuries BCE (AB ev)
Thracian tomb of Kazanlak Late 4th century, could also be 3rd (unesco website)
Xanthos-Letoon trilingual inscription dates to 358 B.C.; Nereid Monument "is thought to have been built in the early fourth century BCE" (wiki)


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