Artificial Islands

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Connected Sites

Angkor: Angkor Wat is located on artificial island representing Mount Meru, hinduism center of universe which surrounded by ocean
Bamberg: The Old Town Hall "island" was created first as a bridge with a gate tower and then later was extended to allow the building of the Town hall on either side.
Defence Line of Amsterdam: Pampus (former shallow area made into a "proper" island)
Kotor: Our Lady of the Rocks
Mexico City and Xochimilco: Xochmilco (still visible), Tenochtitlan (historical)
Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan: Yuzui or Fish Mouth Dike, named for its conical head that is said to resemble the mouth of a fish, is the key part of Li Bing?s construction. It is an artificial dike that divides the water into inner and outer streams. The inner stream carries approximately 40%, rising to 60% during flood, of the river?s flow into the irrigation system whilst that outer stream drains away the rest, flushing out much of the silt and sediment." (Wiki)
Saloum Delta: "The numerous shell mounds in the Saloum Delta are generally well preserved and they sometimes have imposing dimensions. They are direct testimony of sustainable and very ancient socio-economic practices. Over the centuries, they have led to the formation of numerous man-made islets" (AB eval)
St. Petersburg: 540-003b12 Fort Alexander I -- and also Tolbukhin Island - "The lighthouse is situated on a small artificial island 3 miles west of the Kotlin island.".
Venice and its Lagoon: Several of the smaller islands in the lagoon are artificial e.g Sacca Fisola There is also a development taking place for the cemetery island of San Michele to create a new island alongside it.
Wadden Sea: Nigehörn, part of the Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park was constructed in 1989
West Lake: Within the main West Lake are three islands created from dredgings in the Tang and Song Dynasties (AB ev)


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