Architectural design competitions

Notable constructions (that are part of WHS) where the architectural design was chosen after a competition.

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Connected Sites

Brasilia: Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer won a competition to design the new city in 1956
Central University City Campus of the UNAM: The master plan for the campus was the result of an architectural competition, in which architects Mario Pani and Enrique del Moral were awarded (Unesco website)
Florence: Brunelleschi won the competition to design the cathedral in 1418.
Rome: De Sanctis won a competition to design the Spanish Steps in 1717.
Sydney Opera House: Utzon won a competition to design the opera in 1957.
Westminster: Westminster Palace - Charles Barry won competition for reconstruction in 1836.
White City of Tel-Aviv: Dizengoff Circus - 1934. "Won" (actually she was placed 2nd and no 1st prize was awarded!) by Genia Averbuch. Nom File Page 65 - also


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