Anglican churches outside of the Commonwealth

Notable buildings that are or were in use as Anglican churches. Restricted to those in countries outside of the Commonwealth.

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Brugge Since 1987, Anglican services are held in St. Peters Chapel (a.k.a. Het Keerske), a building shared with the Protestant Church. The building dates back to 1080 and has been renovated many times since.
Corfu Holy Trinity Church: located in the former Ionian Parliament building, consecrated in 1870.
Florence St Mark's English Church: "St. Mark’s English Church on via Maggio opened its doors for worship in 1881. From the outset, its purpose was to offer a subscription-free welcome to tourist visitors to Florence..... Inside a fifteenth-century palazzo, the church glows with a rich dark vitality created a century ago by English and local artists whose work reflects the influential Pre-Raphaelite movement"
Mexico City and Xochimilco Catedral de San José de Gracia, at Mesones #139, was originally the chapel of the Beatería Santa Mónica, a house for "abandoned" women and poor widows, and then of the Conceptionist Santa María de Gracia convent. The construction of the modern building was started in 1659. After the impact of the liberal laws of the 1860s, the temple was acquired by a Catholic reformist congregation, the "Iglesia de Jesús". It has been the Cathedral of the Anglican communion since 1933. The church also stands out for its library.
Naples Christ Church Anglican Church: services are held in a neo-Gothic building from the 1860s.
Nice Holy Trinity Church
Old City of Jerusalem Christ Church: " in 1849 the simple Gothic building was completed. From the outside it differs little from many Anglican churches. However, once inside the building has more similarity to a synagogue than to a local parish church. The communion table and stained-glass windows contain Jewish symbols and Hebrew script, and like all synagogues in Jerusalem, the church faces the Temple Mount", "the church was so Jewish in appearance that in 1948, when it became necessary to prove to a angry Jordanian Army that the unusual building was indeed a Christian house of worship, the then rector Rev Hugh Jones, hurried to the souk to buy an olive wood cross to place on the communion table"
Prague Church of St. Clement "one of the oldest in Prague. It owes its current appearance to late 19th century rebuilding". Owned by the Czech Brethren Evangelical Church, with Anglican services on Sunday morning.
Riga St. Saviour's Church: neo-gothic church consecrated in 1859.
Rome All Saints' Church: "George Edmund Street, a prominent Victorian architect, comes to Rome to see through the building of the new English church. He comes up with the plan for the construction of a Gothic-Revival church which will be built in a plot of land offered by the Comune in the Via del Babuino, on the site of a former convent." (1876)
Strasbourg Services are held in the Chapelle Saint Dominique (1931)
Valparaiso St Pauls Cathedral: "Built in the year 1858 in Cerro Concepción, the first of its type in Chile, it was born from the efforts of the Anglican Community installed in Valparaíso of the XIX century."
Venice and its Lagoon St George's Church: "The current church building in the Campo San Vio was formerly the warehouse for the Venezia-Murano Glass and Mosaic Company. It was built to a design by engineer Luigi Marangoni, with sculptures by Napoleone Martinuzzi and dedicated in 1892"


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