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Al Qal'a of Beni Hammad Al Qal'a of Beni Hammad was partly destroyed by the Almohads in 1152 (wiki)
Cordoba In the 12th century, the Almohads transferred the capital of Muslim Iberia from Córdoba to Seville. During the struggle for succession that erupted in 1224, Abd Allah al-Bayyasi established himself in the city of Cordova, after capturing the city and raiding the region, in defiance of his cousin Abdallah al-Adil, who had declared himself Caliph. After al-Bayyasi had given some territory over to the Castilians for their help, a popular uprising broke out in Cordova and al-Bayyasi was killed. His head was dispatched to Marrakesh as a trophy. Cordova was eventually conquered by Castile in 1236. (wiki)
Granada Granada was under Almohad rule from 1166. After the departure of the Almohads, the Nasrid dynasty rose to power in Granada. After the great Christian advance of 1228–1248, the Emirate of Granada was practically all that remained of old al-Andalus. Most historians agree that Granada became a tributary state to the Kingdom of Castile from 1238, although this was often interrupted by wars between the two states. Granada alone would remain independent for an additional 250 years, flourishing as the new center of al-Andalus. (wiki)
Kasbah of Algiers In 1151, Abd al-Mu'min, the first Caliph of the Almohad Empire, defeated the Almoravids to conquer Algiers. (French Wiki)
Medina of Fez Gates such as Bab Mahrouk, Bab Guissa
Medina of Marrakesh Koutoubia Mosque " The minaret was completed under the reign of the Almoahd Caliph Yaqub al-Mansur (1184-1199)"
Mérida Mérida was under Almohad control until its citadel fell in 1230, when it was conquered by Alfonso IX of León. (wiki)
Rabat Hassan Tower "Founder of the Hassan Tower, Yaqub al-Mansur, was a member of the Almohad Dynasty"
Seville The Giralda "The tower's first two-thirds is a former minaret from the Berber Almohad period of Seville" (wiki)


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