'Threatened' by Skyscrapers

WHS where there are/have been plans to build a structure greater than 100mtrs high in a location regarded by UNESCO/ICOMOS as potentially damaging to the OUV of the site. In all cases (??) the actual/planned locations are outside the inscribed and buffer zones.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Cologne Cathedral "The city originally wanted to build four office towers, up to 120m in height, along the Rhine opposite the Dom. During construction, UNESCO threatened to withdraw the cathedral's World Heritage status, citing the construction of the KölnTriangle as the reason, since they claimed it threatened the effect of the Dom. The council then revised its plans of further construction in Köln-Deutz. The only building that was realised was the 2004 KölnTriangle , which has a panorama platform only a few centimetres lower than the viewpoint from the Dom's tower, and is thus known as the 'Bow before the Dom'." Opened 2006 , 103.2 mtrs/29 floors
Jongmyo Shrine ??/122mtr/36 floors/Approved by city authorities/??
Prague Pankrac district (3kms from centre)/"City Tower"/104 mtrs/27 stories above ground/completed 2008 having been converted from a dormant abandoned Communist-era construction site, to a fully functioning office building - but others are in construction or planned close by eg Ledová věž (Ice Tower) and are opposed by UNESCO as being too high.
Seville "Cajasol Tower"/Archited - Pelli/178mtrs/40 floors/In construction/2011/1600 mtrs from Giralda
St. Petersburg "Okhta Centre" (or Gazprom Tower)/ Architects - RMJM/396mtrs/77 floors/ St P City council has delayed its part of the finance due ot economic conditions/ Originally planned for 2016
Tower of London "20 Fenchurch St"/"The Walky talky"/Architect Vinoli/192mtrs(???)/45 floors replacing a 60's building at 91mtrs. After UNESCO opposition a revised design for a 177 mtrs/36 floors has been accepted - currently on hold due to "ecomomic situation".
Vienna in danger because of a high-rise project, tower will be 66.3 metres in height


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