Not open to tourists

WHS where a major element providing the OUV is closed to the general public.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Chiribiquete National Park At present, there is no tourism allowed inside the property and it is important to strictly control any tourism access. (AB ev)
Decorated cave of Pont d'Arc There is a replica, but the original cave has never opened to the general public
Gough and Inaccessible Islands Visitors are not allowed to land on Gough island. Tourists are limited to Zodiac cruises which must not approach the shore and even crew members from passing yachts may not go ashore except in the case of an "extreme emergency". (Landing is allowed on Inaccessible if authorised by the Tristan Da Cunha government and accompanied by local guides who have to travel with the ship from the main island of Tristan)
Mount Nimba It is a "strict" reserve, forbidding tourism. (wiki)
Papahanaumokuakea Only open for specific purposes
Rachid Karami International Fair-Tripoli "Normally, the site cannot be visited, it is necessary to be satisfied with a summary view from the car park or the road. But don't hesitate to ask the guard at the entrance, you never know!"
Rio Abiseo National Park "Since 1986, the park has not been open to tourism due to the fragile nature of both the natural and archaeological environment." (wiki)
Stoclet House Privately owned, and only very few people have seen its interior.
Sundarbans National Park Core zone is not open to tourists
Surtsey Only open to scientists.
Thracian tomb of Kazanlak Interior of the real tomb is closed. There is a replica.
Vézère Valley Lascaux Cave has been closed since 1963; there is a replica available and also there are other inscribed caves that can be visited.


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