Zero Meridians

A number of locations around the world have operated as "prime meridians" (ie 0.0 degrees of Longitude) for the purpose of navigation and map making. The Greenwich version was eventually chosen as the agreed "Prime Meridian" for the World in 1884 at a conference in Washington. 3 of them exist within WHS boundaries with "markers" to identify them.

Connected Sites

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Maritime Greenwich Was established 1851 and set as the World's "Prime Meridian" in 1884. Its location is marked in a number of places within the site.
Paris, Banks of the Seine Paris was the main "competitor" to the choice of Greenwich at the Conference of Washington. France did not immediately accept the decision of that conference and continued to use the Paris line for some time thereafter. The line is based on the location of the Paris Observatory which is outside the inscribed area, but a line of markers called The Arago Medallions (named after a French astronomer) follows the line across Paris and The Louvre area (within the inscribed boundaries) contains a significant number.
St. Petersburg The "Pulkovo Meridian" was the base point for all geographical maps of Russia. It ran through the main hall of the Pulkovo Observatory.
Teide National Park Used as the zero-point for Graeco-Roman cartography (Nomin File Annex - "History of Science")


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