Women Explorers

WHS which are linked to noteworthy female achievements in the realm of Exploration.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Huascaran National Park The lower N summit was first climbed in 1908 by Annie Smith Peck (Possibly the only mountain worldwide to have first been climbed by a woman?).
Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers Joan Margaret Legge(1885-1939) was a botanist from England, who lost her life on 4 July, 1939 while collecting samples at Valley of flowers, India. (wiki) - she was there on behalf of Kew Gardens
Palmyra Reached by Lady Hester Stanhope in 1812. She later claimed to have been crowned "Queen of Palmyra" under the Triumphal Arch!
Potala Palace Reached by Alexandra David-NĂ©el in 1924 when it was still "forbidden" -"The First western woman to enter Tibet". Spent 2 months there and "visited the monasteries"


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