Used for astronaut training and research

WHS with similar terrains to the Moon or Mars, where astronaut training has taken place. Specific test and research activities, as preparation for future missions, can also be included.

Connected Sites

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El Pinacate "in 1965 NASA used the El Verdugo crater to test moon vehicles" (UNEP) / NASA sent astronauts to the Gran Desierto de Altar from 1965 to 1970, to train for walking on the moon, due to the similarities of the terrain to the lunar surface. (wiki)
Grand Canyon Between January 1963 and November 1972, scientists based in Flagstaff would lead 200 separate geological field-training exercises for Nasa’s astronauts: "One of their early field trips was a long arduous hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Accompanied by geologists, the two-day outing gave the astronauts a chance to learn how to identify different strata, detect faulting, see the impact of erosion and learn geological map reading."
Hawaii Volcanoes Hawaii Volcanoes was used by Apollo 11 astronauts to study volcanoes. More recently, but not necessarily involving astronauts, NASA has been using Hawaii Volcanoes to prepare for future missions to Mars.
Teide National Park Testing of equipment aimed at missions searching for life on Mars.
Vatnajökull National Park "... This first mission of the Icelandic Space Agency called ISAGEVR1 (Iceland Space Agency Glacial Expedition with Volcanic Research) aimed to test the MS-1 Combination [astronaut suit, ed.] on the Grímsvötn volcano, the most active volcano in Iceland located at the top of the Vatnajökull glacier."


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