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Uranium Mining

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Connected Sites

  • Grand Canyon: Uranium mining has taken place within what are now the Park boundaries - The "Orphan Mine" operated from 1956-69 to supply the US Cold war weapons program. Remains (and contamination) are still present there. Others still operate outside the NP and toxic waste from them has reached the Park. In Jan 2012 Pres Obama banned further activity around the NP. See  Link
  • Kakadu National Park: The boundaries of the inscribed site exclude a totally surrounded enclave where Uranium extraction takes place today. Before the NP was created, between 1956 and 64, smaller scale mining took place at Coronation Hill (Guratba). The inclusion of this area within the NP and its exclusion for further mining operations was the subject of a major dispute during the 1980s. The former mining areas were radio-actively contaminated and "in May 2006, the Australian Government allocated $7.3 million over four years to the Director of National Parks to rehabilitate Guratba (Coronation Hill) and other mine sites and associated workings in the area" (E.g Sleisbeck Mine)
  • Selous Game Reserve: UNESCO has agreed that the size of the inscribed area may be reduced to exclude an area earmarked for Uranium mining  Link


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