Tristão da Cunha

Tristão da Cunha was a Portuguese explorer and naval commander.

Connected Sites

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Gough and Inaccessible Islands Tristão da Cunha discovered the Tristan da Cunha Archipelago, which was named after him. Gough Island is part of that Archipelago.
Rome After returning to Europe, Tristão da Cunha was sent as ambassador from king Manuel I to Pope Leo X in 1514. They walked the streets of Rome in an extravagant procession of exotic wildlife and wealth of the Indies. The procession featured an elephant named Hanno, as a gift to the pope. The pope received the procession in the Castel Sant'Angelo. The elephant knelt down thrice in reverence and then, following a wave of his Indian mahout (keeper), used its trunk to suck water from a bucket and sprayed it over the crowd and the Cardinals.
Socotra Archipelago After the Battle of Barawa (1507) and the subsequent defeat of the Portuguese, Tristão da Cunha, severely wounded, sought refuge in the Socotra islands after losing his men and ships. (wiki)


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