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WHS containing significant buildings in which Queen Victoria stayed. "Despite being head of the British Empire, which included territory on all inhabited continents, Queen Victoria never travelled outside of Europe, only travelling as far north as Golspie, southwesterly as San Sebastián, southeasterly as Florence and as far easterly as Berlin. The majority of her visits were made to the duchies and kingdoms of Germany (often via Belgium or the Netherlands) which was the home of many members of her family and the birthplace of her husband, Albert. She also made a few official visits to France and frequently holidayed there towards the end of her life and reign, once including a brief crossing into northern Spain. She also holidayed a few times in Italy and once in Switzerland. During their married life, the couple tended to make foreign trips in late summer, however from the 1870s, the widowed queen travelled during the spring".

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Castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust Schloss Bruhl (Augustusburg). Travelled by train. 1845 Aug 11-14 Visited Frederick William IV of Prussia and saw the unveiling of a new statue commemorating Beethoven.
Edinburgh Holyrood House
Nice Hotel Ancien Excelsior Regina Palace 1897/9. "l'origine de ce projet, il y'aurait un séjour, dit-on insatisfait, de la reine Victoria d'Angleterre au Grand-hôtel de Cimiez. On lui promet alors de construire un hôtel-résidence adapté à ses exigences. De surcroît, l'édification d'un tel hôtel répond à un besoin croissant d'hébergement pour une riche clientèle d'hivernants. En effet, durant la saison 1895, le Riviera Palace a dû refuser de très nombreux villégiateurs, et cela malgré une première extension de l'hôtel. La souveraine et sa suite séjourne au Régina durant les saisons 1897-1899, une aile de l'hôtel lui est alors entièrement dédiée." (Nom file) See Wiki
Potsdam Schloss Babelsberg 1858 Aug 12-28. Stayed to see her eldest daughter Victoria Adelaide (who was German Empress and Queen of Prussia as the wife of German Emperor Frederick III). She was then pregnant with the boy who was to become Kaiser Wilhelm II. Painting by Victoria
The Slate Landscape of Northwest Wales Penrhyn Castle - "In 1859, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert stayed the castle during one of their rare visits to Wales. The queen, however, refused to sleep in the large bespoke slate bed that the Penrhyn family had specifically commissioned for this occasion as it reminded her of a tomb" She painted the view from her window
Upper Middle Rhine Valley Schloss Stolzenfels 1845 Aug 14-16. as guests of King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia ("a concert was held in her honor in the Knights' Hall with the celebrated greats Franz Liszt and Jenny Lind")
Würzburg Residence 1845 August 18-19. To visit Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria on way to Coburg (Birthplace of her husband Albert)


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