Prince Pückler

Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau (30 October 1785 - 4 February 1871) was a German nobleman, who was an excellent artist in landscape gardening and wrote widely appreciated books, mostly about his travels in Europe and Northern Africa, published under the pen name of "Semilasso".

The Prince traveled around Egypt/Sudan carving his name and monogram on the monuments - they can be seen to this day! See

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ancient Thebes Karnak, Luxor temple, Ramesseum, Valley of Kings - tombs of Rameses IV and VIII
Classical Weimar Ettersberg Park
Gebel Barkal
Meroe Meroe - Arqamani's Pyramid, Musawwarat es Sufa ("PÜCKLER MUSKAU EST VENU VISITER CES RUINES MANDEE PAR SON ESPRI FAMILIER") and Naqa
Muskauer Park
Nubian Monuments Abu Simbel ("Prince Pückler Muskau has engraved his and his "ordenskreuz" in huge letters on the naked breast of that August and pathetic giant who sits at Abu Simbel. I wish someone would kick him for his profanity." - Lady Duff Cooper in 1902) and Philae
Potsdam Babelsberg Park
Pyramids (Memphis) Khephren


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