Palm Groves

WHS where the growing of palms is a significant aspect of the OUV.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Aflaj irrigation system Crit v The collection of Aflaj irrigation systems represents some 3,000 still functioning systems in Oman. Ancient engineering technologies demonstrate long standing, sustainable use of water resources for the cultivation of palms and other produce in extremely arid desert lands.
Al-Ahsa Oasis numerous densely cultivated palm groves (AB ev)
M'Zab Valley Crit v "The elements constituting the M'Zab Valley are an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, representative of the Ibadis culture that, through the ingenious system for the capture and distribution of water and the creation of palm groves, demonstrates the extremely efficient human interaction with a semi-desert environment.
Palmeral of Elche Crit ii and iv both refer to Palms
Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley vegetation types of smaller extent such as palm groves or gallery forests (AB ev)
Turaif Quarter "The palm plantations and the oasis landscape bear witness to the agricultural origins of ad-Dir’iyah." (AB ev)


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