Notable Dams

WHS that include Notable Dams. Dams must be named.

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Ancient Kingdom of Saba Great Dam of Marib. Used for irrigation for some 2,500 years. Finally broke down in the year 570 or 575. "The Ma’rib dam irrigation system is said to be one of the oldest models for the emergence of advanced dam engineering." (AB ev)
Mérida The Proserpina and Cornalvo dams, both still functioning, are the most remarkable surviving examples of Roman water management systems. (AB)
Strasbourg Barrage Vauban: The barrage was constructed from 1686 to 1690 .... The principal defensive function of the barrage was to enable, in the event of an attack, the raising the level of the River Ill and thus the flooding of all the lands south of the city, making them impassable to the enemy. (wiki)
Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley Purrón Dam is the largest prehistoric water management structure in Mesoamerica at 24 m high, 106 m wide, and 400 m in length (nom file)


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