Descendants of Vikings who, in the 10th century, settled on land in northern France (later "Normandy") granted to them by Charles the Simple. Intermarried with the Frankish/Gallo-Roman natives and adopted the local Romance language Conquered land in Italy in 1030 and took over most of S Italy by 1099. Invaded England in 1066. Were involved in military adventures in Wales, Scotland and and in Crusader States (particularly Antioch) in the Middle East. This connection is limited to locations which are significant in Norman History since "Romanesque Architecture" as developed by the Normans has its own Connection.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Arab-Norman Palermo Palermo was the capital of Sicily during the Norman period.
Durham Castle and Cathedral The Castle was built in the 11th Century as part of the ongoing efforts by the Normans to subdue the North
Mont-Saint-Michel Annexed from Britanny by the Normans in 933. The Abbey was built with Norman royal patronage
Roman Walls of Lugo "The town was to be ravaged once again in 968 by the Normans, on their way to the Mediterranean, and it was not restored until the following century." (AB Ev)
Tower of London Construction of the central Keep known as "The White tower" was initiated by William the Conqueror in 1078


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