Muography is an imaging technique that produces a projectional image of a target volume by recording elementary particles, called muons, either electronically or chemically with materials that are sensitive to charged particles such as nuclear emulsions. It is used in Geology, Archeology and Planetary Science.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Chaîne des Puys At Puy de Dôme, "for equipment testing and experiments"
Isole Eolie "An emulsion-based tracker has been collecting data at Stromboli since December 2011"
Mount Etna "to generate the internal images of the magma pathways of Etna volcano"
Pyramids (Memphis) "the ScanPyramids Project, which is composed of an international team of scientists from Egypt, France, Canada, and Japan, has started utilizing muography and thermography imaging to survey the Giza pyramid complex."
Teotihuacan " the Pyramid of the Sun, situated near Mexico City in the ancient city of Teotihuacan was surveyed with muography. One of the motivations of the team was to discover if inaccessible chambers inside the Pyramid might hold the tomb of a Teotihuacan ruler."


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